I really need orthodontic treatment as my teeth rub together


I went to see an Orthodontist about a a year and a half ago now and he said my teeth weren’t bad enough for a brace and I could pay privately, but my teeth are now rubbing together slightly and my top teeth are pushing my bottom teeth and there slowly staring to move into weird positions but i know if i go back and get refered again they are only going to say the same thing , what can I do as I’m nearly 18 and I can’t afford to be paying if my teeth go wonky and horrible. Is there any help pr advice that you can give me so that I can sort things out and get the help that I need for my teeth? Thanks in advance

Hello there, I would suggest that you visit your regular dentist and explain the problem to them,they should then be able to refer you to someone else.Unfortunately not everyone is eligible for NHS treatment but they should be able to advise you.Really hope this helps. Good luck
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