I received my orthodontist referral too late and have incurred a charge. What should I do?

I have a big problem with my teeth, I hate smiling because theyre are just too many teeth in my mouth. They are all out of line and since I was 12 Ive been told I would need braces. In 2009 at the age of 17 my dentist referred me to an orthodontist but I never heard anything or received a letter. I have always asked about it but the dentist has fobbed me off so when I went in 2 weeks ago I complained and insisted that they investigate why I heard nothing. I lost my job recently and am currently on jobseekers allowance. I got a letter yesterday stating I have been referred to the orthodontist I was supposed to have been referred to in 2009 but now I am 19 they are insisting I pay a non-refundable £55 cost for my first consultation which I cannot afford. I was wondering how I should go about explaining that my dentist was supposed to have referred me almost 3 years ago. I absolutely hate my teeth and smile so would appreciate some professional help. Thankyou
I would speak with your original dentist first and asking for their advice on this as they are aware of your case and no doubt have a good relationship with the orthodontist you were referred to.
Good luck
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