I want to straighten my severely crossed lower teeth but I have a chipped tooth, what do I do first?

Hi Anoop maini. all my lower teeth have crowded severely. I chipped one recently and was hoping to have a veneer placed on it or some bonding. I decided to wait and find out if this should be done before or after. What I want to know though is if I can any treatment to fix the chipped tooth temporarily whilst wearing braces. I had planned on getting Damon braces as they are fast and fairly discreet unless there is a better option if this makes a difference at all. thanks for your time Dr.
Hi there, You situation seems pretty straight forward but it’s always hard to say without being able to see you in person. By the sounds of it though I think it is reasonable to consider straightening the teeth then repair the tooth. I may also suggest that Six month smiles could be another option. If you want anymore information on this feel free to contact me again. Anoop.
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