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Hello Dr, I have a number of issues with my teeth that i would like to sort out as soon as i can really. One of my fang teeth is twisted at the top and looks unsightly and i have wide gaps between my front teeth. I wouldn’t want very visible braces but I am not too bothered I would rather they were fast above everything else. Ideally I would like my teeth to be straightened in less than a year, any sooner than that would be brilliant.Can you recommend any braces for me? There seems to be so many braces out these days I don’t have a clue where to begin as i haven’t even found a private dentist yet. I don’t want to be talked into something that i do not know very much about so it would be very useful if you could advise me where to begin so that I have possible a list of two or three braces that I would be willing to discuss.
I am a bit biased here but My patients love six month smiles because it uses clear brackets , tooth coloured wires and the treatment time is circa is around six months . Worth looking at this treatment it may offer you the solution you deserve .
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