If I am not a suitable candidate for the Inman Aligner, what are my other brace options?

Hi i was wondering if the inman aligner could close gaps not just pull crooked teeth together. I like the look of it and like how its meant to be one of the quicker options but Im having trouble finding a provider in my local area. all of my bottom teeth are gapped as are my top. would you condone two different treatment types for the same mouth? I f I had say the inman aligner on the bottom and Invisalign on top would you say that that was OK? or would you have your patients stick to one? as far as I see it so what if they’re finished at different times? the sooner the better and that’s all I care about. if in the inman will not close gapped teeth what’s the best way to do so without getting a traditional fixed brace?

Yes it can as long as your teeth are proclined.

Its not impossible to mix treatments but its really difficult to say without seeing you.

Finishing at different times is only ok if your bite will allow it.

Without a traditional fixed brace the only real alternative to Inman is clear aligners.

I hope you can find someone

try the find a dentist section on www.straight-talks.com


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