If I have my braces removed early can I have a percentage of the treatment cost back?

I am an adult and yesterday I had fixed braces attached to my lower teeth due to having three slightly crooked teeth. I now regret having this done as my friends and family said there was nothing wrong with my teeth and I realise this now. I realise that I probably sound very silly but I now wish to have the brace removed before any movement occurs and I wondered roughly what percentage of the total treatment cost I would be able to get back, if any?

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Thanks for the question

It is not unusual for some patients to have serious misgivings once their braces are put on. Either your front teeth are crooked, or they’re not, and I assume that they were crooked enough for you to want to have them straightened in the first place, and for your Specialist Orthodontist to suggest that this was the right thing to do in your case?

Many adults do have some anterior (front) crowding of their lower teeth, but I assume that your clinician would have discussed with you the pros and cons of having brace treatment.

As fitting braces is quite a long procedure this might account for a reasonable proportion of your fee; but you will have to discuss this with your practice, I’m afraid. Do give them a call and I hope they can put your mind at rest.

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