I’m having an unpleasant experience with my orthodontist with no results, can I have a second opinion?

Hello Darsh,
I am having an unpleasant orthodontic treatment with my orthodontist for over two years and no positive result is seen so far. I would like to have a second opinion of a specialist orthodontist and maybe do this in writing.
My question is, how much does it cost?
I would need to find out is she doing the treatment well and what further is needed to be done to achieve a great result. I am considering to switch an orthodontist, so this is very important to me. Please let me know. Thank you

Best Regards 

I am sorry to hear you are having an unpleasant experience. Second opinions are common place to make sure things are done properly and to the highest possible standards. It is almost impossible to do in writing and would require a consultation to see what has been carried out. I suggest you find an Orthodontist that you would be happy to see and then arrange the second opinion by physically seeing them. They can they advise on what has been done and what to do going forward.
Good luck
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