Is Invisalign the best option for straightening two rows of crooked teeth, or are there other options?

My little brother needs braces of some but he really doesn’t like them. Ive been telling him he can get some smart ones like the ones that go behind your teeth and so on. he’s seen the invisalign treatment and is really really wanting to get it. I am however a bit apprehensive, there are a lot of people who hated their braces who I know but none regretted getting them. I have tried to tell him this. could you please advise us on Invisalign and crooked teeth, the thing is both of his teeth rows are crooked- the bottom more than the the top, can you even have two lots of Invisalign at once? also what would you recommend (if not Invisalign) for him to have? he wont listen to me lol!! thanks Dr,
There are limitations on what Invisalign can treat – complicated crooked cases are no good with Invisalign, fixed braces are the best. If doesn’t want braces then don’t push him – they do make your teeth ache and they do rub and they are a hassle – the price you pay for straight teeth. He has to want them or forget it !
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