Is there a suitable braces treatment that isn’t metal for my tooth condition?

Hello Dr Patel, I am interested in having the Inman Aligner Brace because it is a lot faster than other braces but my dentist says that my teeth are too crooked for this treatment and I have to have some of my teeth removed for braces and the best treatment for me is metal braces. Is there an alternative to metal braces if you have very crowded teeth as I do not want anyone to see me wearing metal braces. I know there is Invisalign but my dentist even discouraged me from this saying that it will take 3 years with invisalign compared to 18 months with metal braces. Can you also give me an idea of how much this treatment would cost even if its a ballpark estimate. Thanks 
Thank you for your enquiry.

There are many options available to have treatment done involving more aesthetic appliances which may or maynot require tooth extractions. Until you have had an assessment done by a specialist orthodontist, we could not advise what is right for you as it depends on many factors including your facial appearance and type of brace chosen.

Dentists are generally only trained in providing a basic assessment and types of treatment so would suggest an more comprehensive assesment at this stage. I am sorry i cannot be more specific but this Is a once in a lifetime change that if done wrong can have a disastrous impact on your face.

Brace costings vary anywhere from £3000-£9000 depending on your particular problem and brace chosen. The exact costing will be given at your consultation with a specialist.

Hope this help, please let me know if there is anything else. For further info you can view my practice website which has some videos which may help.

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