Is there any way I can get braces even though I am currently having problems with my wisdom teeth?

Morning! Could you please advise me, I’m having a fair bit of trouble with my wisdom teeth coming through. It’s been a very long process, i think they first started to come through 2 years ago and they just stop and start when they please but I’ve heard this is normal. I’m in absolute agony when they do, my whole head feels sore and painful. Could this be to do with an infection or are they coming out wrong or something? I’ve wanted braces for the past few years but didn’t know if it was a good idea while my wisdom teeth were still coming through? If so how long is it before they usually come all the way through? Or could i still have some kind of brace when they are coming though? Thanks you!
Braces such as six month smiles can be done with wisdom teeth present . However you need to check with a dentist if they do need removal as they can sometimes cause infections or damage to the neighbouring tooth .
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