Is there any way to fund Invisalign treatment?

Hi Raha, My daughter has recently had braces on, she really did need them, she was really unhappy with her appearance and didn’t like going to school. So we have had a brace fitted but her mood has gone even further downhill. I think she’s getting bullied at school. I was wondering if there would be a more discreet way for her to have this treatment. I know there are ways such as invisalign but they are very expensive, is there any funding that we can get or a finance option at your clinic? I’m not sure what the best way to tackle this one is? What is your advice? Thanks!
Hello, cosmetic braces are not covered under the NHS. Should you wish to consider cosmetic braces, a full dental examination is necessary to see what are the various options available for your daughter. Finance options are available at our clinic. good luck with whatever treatment you choose.
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