Is there any way to get free braces or at a cheaper price as I don’t qualify anymore?

I was waiting from the age of 13 to 17 for braces for one reason to the next! I finally get a chance about 4 months before my 18th birthday & then get told I can’t have braces for free because my teeth aren’t 4mm out, or something but I am so self concious, I don’t smile & when I laugh I try to cover my teeth, they are horrible ! & I’m only 18 so can’t afford to pay for baraces whatsoever, im so upset about this & it was all my dentist fault not nothing & hurrying me up before that silly rule came in! ! Is there anyway I can get them for free ? I wouldn’t normally try and get stuff on the cheap but i feel like i have been played by my dentist do this would be the case then I would have to pay!! thank you in advance
I am sorry to hear that you do not qualify but there is actually nothing you can do but to pay now. Some orthodontists do have cheaper private options called independent ones which do not cost as much. Ring up a few practices and see if they can help. Goodluck!
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