I’ve been referred to have my wisdom teeth out, i also have an under bite that i want sorting out, what are my options?

I have been referred to have wisdom teeth out as the lower left is on the jawbone. I asked my dentist a year ago about this as I was concerned my teeth would move and would affect how straight they were. I also have an underbite and my bottom front teeth have been moving since the wisdom teeth started to come through- now these have moved forward making the underbite more noticeable again. For a few years now I was at an edge to edge bite for the front teeth but this is now changing. Just wondering what my options are as I am 23 now but am really not happy with my teeth. I am really conscious of the underbite, more so now that my bottom teeth have moved, I know I can have an operation on the jaw but want to avoid that? Thanks
You will need an orthodontic assessment to assess the need for jaw repositioning or just orthodontics to hide the jaw problem. This would be the ideal time to have orthodontic treatment as you will have finished growing! I suggest you get an orthodontic assessment done to find out all of your options and take it from there.
Good luck and fingers crossed you may avoid surgery
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