I’ve been told that a gap between my teeth has appeared as a result of chewing my nails. Is this possible and how can I fix it?

hi i have a slight gap inbetween my two front teeth, it is slight and only started to appear a few months back- which is still quicker than i thought it could possibly occur! however, ive been told it could be due to the fact that i chew my nails a lot is this true it sounded like nonsense to me. have you ever seen patients where this has been the case? if it is and i stop chewing them will my teeth go back to its original position? didnt think so thats why im on here! would i need a full brace just to close a small gap (approx. 2mm but definitely growing) or is there anything else available to sort out this kind of issue? as you can tell im reluctant to have braces for what right now is a minor issue, on the grand scale of things, so I wanted to know what you recommend?
The reasons for the gap are many, and it depends on your age as well. Chewing your nails is generally not associated with creating gaps but can lead to shortening of your roots, so stopping would be beneficial all round!

There are lots of solutions availble to correct the gap as it is fairly small at the moment. It is simply up to you whether you want to correct this issue while it is small now or potentially have a bigger problem if you just leave it. In the first instance you may choose to monitor it for the next six months to help you make that decision.

Hope this helps, let me know if i can be of any further help.


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