I’ve had my brace off for 4 years but my teeth still keep moving, is there a treatment to stop this?

Hi, im 16 and have had my traintrack braces off for around 4 years now, i started off wearing a clear retainer everynight once i had my brace off but due to them not being strong enough i now wear a wire pallet brace everynight. I have to wear my retainer around every 2-3 hours or my teeth start to move even though its been 4 years since i had my traintracks off, I wondered if there was any treatment to stop this as ive consulted my orthodontist alot and she doesnt seem to solve the matter. Also i feel my teeth are still ‘buck’ and my 2 front teeth are larger than my other teeth, i also wondered if there was any treatment to correct this and make them the same shape and size as my other teeth so they are less noticable as my top lip does not cover them.
Hi, For the teeth movement, you could look at a fixed retainer (thin wire attached to the back of the front 6 teeth) that is on the teeth full time that would stop some drifting….however if you are unhappy with the position of them then you should correct this first before long term retainers. Do you feel the front 2 teeth are in the wrong position? If so would mean braces again, or they are too big to the rest of the teeth? (this could be that the adjacent teeth are smaller than usual – not uncommon) and would mean some cosmetic dentistry treatment.
I would suggest you seek advice from a cosmetic dentist who works closely with an orthodontist.
Good luck
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