My front teeth point outwards and it really gets me down, could i have them extracted and replaces with a fixed bridge?

I’m 22 and my 2 upper front teeth point out forward quite allot and it really gets me down and i have lost a lot of confidence in myself.i dont want braces and i would not be able to afford them anyway and was wondering if its possible to have them extracted and replaced with a fixed bridge?? and how much would the whole treatment cost if that was possible and also if you could recommend somewhere where i could have it done and how long it would be before i could have it done. i have never had cosmetic dentistry before so i don’t really know much about it .Thanks! 
I would not make any rash decision which may give a quick fix option as I beleive you will end up regretting it!
Go and find out what the options are by visiting an orthodontist for an assessment and you will be amazed how straight forward it may be to acually sort your problem out without doing something too invasive.
Good luck
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