My gums are bent forwards, can a brace fix this and how much will it cost?

i was recently told by a doctor that my gums are bent forward causing the area under my lips to appear bigger and creating speech impairment. i was told putting braces could help put back my gums in place.i would like to have further information on this and know the approximate cost and time it will take. i also want to know whether iam covered by NHS since iam a full time student aged 19. what are the treatment options adn is this treatment covered if i have a dental insurance?thank you very much
It is very difficult to suggest length of treatment time and cost without seeing you and your tooth position. Yes the lips are supported by the teeth and underlying jaw structure. If the teeth are in the wrong place or too prominent, it is possible to align them using braces. As you are over 18 it is unlikely you will get this on the NHS, but is you have an NHS dentist they may know otherwise. Dental Insurance should have whether orthodontics is included in their summary of items.
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