My jaw dislocates itself, a brace would really help, can I get it on the NHS?

Hi , I am 19 years old and still in full time education as I attend college. I am currently receiving physiotherapy to my jaw as it tends to dislocate itself on a regular basis. I have had a few accidents in my younger years which I have had to receive 2 operations in my mouth my teeth are very crooked and chipped. As i am receiving physiotherapy my physiothearipist was saying how a brace would really help keep my jaw in place as they could put small elastic bands around the braces, but as I am over the age of 18 I do understand that the NHS don’t tend to cover it. Is there any chance because of my circumstances that I could receive braces on the NHS?
Unfortunately in general practice treatment is not covered. However it may be that in a hospital setting you could be entitled for treatment. I suggest you ask you General Dentist to refer you into your nearest teaching hospital to see whether they can help.
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