My lower jaw is further forward than my top jaw. Is there a way to change this and can I get it on the NHS?

Hello Mr Maini, I’m 20 years old and have been very concious of my appearance since before I can remember. My lower jaw is further forward than my top jaw. This makes my mouth slightly open constantly. I have to physically think about shutting it all the time. I never wanted any operations doing when I was younger because I was always too scared. I was thinking there could be a way with some kind of brace? I read that those big cages on peoples heads sometimes are used for cases like mine, is this true? What kind of time scale do procedures like this take? Do you have to wear them all day or can i just wear them at night? Can i get this done on the NHS? Just really wanted some information about it before i go to the dentist. cheers
You are describing a class 3 malocclusion.

If the relationship is skeletal than surgery and braces is likely to be the answer.

If the relationship is not due to the jaw sizes but the way the teeth are arranged then braces may be able to help possibly with head gear which is often worm part time .

I would book yourself with a specialist orthodontist for the correct diagnosis .

Jaw surgery is available on the NHS but a waiting list will probably be likely.

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