My new braces are affecting how I play the flute, please help!

Hi Dr Patel, I got braces on my upper teeth yesterday. The only problem is, I can’t play my flute anymore! I do make a sound, but it’s of poor quality and it’s off in tone and very airy, sort of like the sound a first-timer would produce. Thankfully I don’t have any concerts coming up, but I’m still panicking. I can’t just not practice my flute, it makes me go crazy! Should I just leave myself to get used to having braces, or should I try anything special? How long does it normally take to get back to normal? Please help, I’m worried this is going to affect my playing permanently. 
Hello there and thanks for your question. You can place wax over the braces or buy special silicone covers which can sit over the brace and stop it irritating you during play. If you ring my practice in Surbiton they will give you the name of the product we use in these circumstances.
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