My orthodontic treatment is taken longer than expected, should I be worried?

I have braces for 2 and a half years so far. My problem was overcrowded teeth, but I only had problem with the cuspids (they were standing out of line). While trying to put them in order, my orthodontist misplaced the upper jaw (the midline started moving to the right, together with my left central incisor). Now he is trying to get them back, but it is taking too long… He actually solved my primary problem in only 3 months, but the one that occurred during is taking 2 years SO FAR.
Treatment can take longer than expected, and teeth can move in directions that we don’t want them to move during treatment. Discuss your concerns with the orthodontist, they will tell you what is realistic and in what timeframe. If you want further clarification seek a second opinion, making sure it’s with a Specialist Orthodontist.

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