My over-the-top dentist says I have the start of gum disease. Wouldn’t braces make it worse?

hello, my dentist said i have the start of gum disease but hasnt done anything about it, they dont bleed when i brush or floss only sometimes like when im ill or when im due on my period, im also on the contreceptive pill which could also be why i have red gums. Also I have always had quite dark gums since being in primary school im 18 now. Well im due at the othodontist next week and was wondering wouldnt having braces make it worse? They didnt suspect any gum disease when they checked my mouth, im just very worried. My dentist sometimes is a little over the top
Hi. Your absolutely correct, having braces with gum disease will only make the gum disease worse. Your dentist should really explain why they feel you have gum disease and offer treatment to cure it or at least, refer you to a Periodontist (gum specialist) for further examination. hope this helps
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