My parents didn’t take me to have brace fitted when I was younger for fear of being bullied, how do I go about getting one now?

hiya i was just wondering if i could put my self to be seen as im 27 and hav a problem with moouth i always have done,but as i was always getting bullied at school because of my mouth my mom thought it would make it worst if i had a brace put it so she never took me to my appointment to have a brace put on when i was younger, im now gettin very depressed about my ,mouth its i dont smile when i really want to, iv had to come on to benefits as my job i had, had to get rid of people ,i have very self a steem,i dont mingle with people or go out much as my teeth really make me feel low all the time, i was wondering if i could have any help with getting a brace hate the way i look, iv lost loads weight ove rteh strees of my teeth,
A brace would be able to straighten any crooked teeth, there may also be some other treatment options available to suit your needs that will give you a better looking smile. I would suggest finding a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist near you to find out what is best for you.
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