My retainers cause me gum pain

I’ve had braces for about a year and a half from 28th march 2012 to 8th September 2013 however, I have not been wearing my retainers for after treatment due to them hurting my gums but I wore them for 9 months and stopped. Now that I do not wear my retainers I have noticed that my teeth are slowly moving back which are causing me to have pains. I do wish to have braces again, but would like to know if I would pay and how much itll cost me. I am currently 17 and a student at college.
It depends on how far the teeth need to be moved and what type of brace you go for – there are regular braces (fixed on the outside of the teeth), tooth coloured braces, inside fixed braces and clear removable braces (like Invisalign). There are also better brands out there. Best to see an orthodontist or brace expert for advice and a quote.
I would suggest speaking with your dentist as soon as possible and getting a new retainer made, if you are not ready to have the orthodontic treatment, now to prevent further relapse.
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