My second Invisalign retainer is nowhere near as tight as my first, is this normal?

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I live not too far from Birmingham and am currently on a course of Invisalign. I had my first retainer, which was was fine. I found it very strange at first as there was a lot of tension on my teeth seemingly everywhere. I love how discreet they are though, I do however have a Problem, the second retainer I have just been given does not have anywhere near the same amount of retention as the first did. I don’t now whether to have another made or whether this time taken will hinder the treatment time and may cost more. firstly do you think it would carry an additional cost to have another one made but before that would you say it was necessary to have one made at all? please, with your experience being vital in this field, could you advise me on what my next move should be. thanks a lot

it is normal for the first aligner to feel much tighter than any others, once you move on to the next aligners your teeth will have got used to the pressure and therefore the aligners will not feel as tight. I can’ t say what the issue is with your aligner, but I would recommend you see your invisalign dentist to check everything is ok and that it is not loose.
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