My son fell off his bike causing excessive damage to his mouth. What corrective treatment should I seek?

I need advise on what to do about my son’s teeth. A few weeks back my son fell of his push bike and smashed his front teeth in spectacular fashion. as a result he has had on of the two central incisors removed and the other is out of line with the rest of the teeth, the tooth between the central incisors and the left canine is chipped. he can have a veneer to fix this and an implant to replace the now extracted tooth. this leaves the un-aligned tooth exposed. would it be recommended to have a brace on this? the issue is that three teeth in a row would have had orthodontic treatment. would there be any issue having a brace or should he have the brace now, then have the implant and veneer fitted afterwards?

I would suggest he gets the teeth aligned correctly first.
It is always better to set the tooth position up before hand- trying to change it later once the teeth are restored will be problematic

One other thing.- if you son is young- i.e. under 25 have a serious think about implants- there are issues with how implants placed in younger patients can start to look incorrectly positioned after 10 years or so because they dont move with the further facial growth that goes on.

An aesthetic maryland bonded bridge (no preparation) might be better-

obviously without seeing him I cannot make this a diagnosis but this is just advice


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