My son has an overbite, his teeth cut into his gum, but he doesn’t qualify for a brace, how can this be rectified?

My son is nearly 13 and has an overbite. He says that his teeth cut into his gums when his mouth is closed and causes a lot of pain at times. His teeth are not too crooked so he would not qaulify for braces. How can this be rectified, can it be done free on the nhs? Can I get insurance anywhere to cover this kind of work for a child? I thought that treatment was free for children on the NHS? Is this not the case? We live in Harrow, are there any orthodentists near me that you can recommend?
Have you been assessed to check whether he qualifies or not? The rules have changed and now you do have to qualify for treatment.
However, it sounds like he may qualify, especially if he has a bite that cuts into his gums! If you have been assessed it may be worth going for a second opinion, your dentist will know all the orthodontists in the area. If they say the same then paying privately is the only option.
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