My son has been told he needs a removable brace, he is adamant in not wearing one because other children have been teased and found them painful and hard to talk, is there another way?

Hi,my son has been told he needs the removable braces that have a metal wire in front of teeth for 9 months.He has a bite gap of 11mm,and both front teeth are like side of a triangle.He knows children at his school which have had these,and have been teased,also painful and hard to talk.Is ther any way he could just wear the railway track braces only.What will happen to bite gap when older?.Can teeth be taken out instead.He is adamant in not wearing the removable braces;but will put up with the railway ones.Please help.
He will have been advised that a Functional appliance is the best treatment for him. I quite agree and the produce a much better facial shape and find that the end results using these are much better than just fixed appliances with or without teeth extractions. They are difficult to get on with at the beginning but once he is use to them, they are comfortable. To minimise teasing it may be possible to leave the bar off the front, speak to you orthodontist about this.
Good luck, it will be well worth it in the long run.
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