My teeth are beyond re-structural help. What can I do?

I have several teeth that I believe are beyond re-structural help they are all healthy and well coloured but it would take a genius metal fabricator to get wire round these bad boys, however i need corrective treatment and was wondering for extreme cases of crowded teeth what would be the best option? ive toyed with the idea of having them removed and having implants as its only like 3/4 teeth? obviously id prefere to keep my teeth but they really are all over the place. so if they were only a little out of line invislign would surely be the obvious treatment as the teeth don’t have to move far and you can barely see it. at the other end of the scale like I am what would you recommend looking at and am I well off in my idea or have you seen it done before?

As you can imagine its impossible to give accurate advice from a description alone, but I would ask, have you been to see an orthodontist yet?

its really unlikely that orthodontics perhaps matched with some expansion or extractions would not be able to treat you.

If your case is complex, I would always recommend a specialist orthodontist

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