My teeth are weak and wobbly, is it possible for me to have braces?

Raha i was hoping you could help me – Ever since I was younger my teeth have been very weak and I have quite a lot of movement in them. They always seem a little bit wobbly and not secure. I’m 20 now and am getting really sick of not having the healthy teeth that I’d like. I think it’s mostly genetic because my father has really bad teeth too, always breaking. I did want to consider having a brace, but just wanted to know if I could have any treatment to strengthen my teeth before having one? If there is no treatment could i have a brace with my teeth in the state they are? What are my alternatives if not? Implants? Hope you can help, cheers!
I would recommend a comprehensive dental examination to find out the reason why your teeth are weak and why they are moving. It is important the reason for this is found and the cause treated as your mouth needs to be healthy prior to having braces and to have any form of cosmetic dental treatment.
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