My teeth looked ‘pushed back’ after wearing Invisalign, what can I do?

I had braces when i was 13(5 years ago). unfortunatly i took them off with tweezers. Many times i had wore them with many brackets that pop’d out my teeth.I also never wore aligners..i’ve notice how my face change during puberty has my motuh seem’d open even when close, and how i was very unhappy how my face seemed to last 9 months i’ve recieve my invisalign express aligners, thus my orthodontist said my teeth were in good condition, i wanted to finsh what i started. now i’m on my last set of aligners, im extremly unhappy & uncomfortable how my teeth feel and how my mouth looks as if its been pushed back. My question is if i get braces again, would it push my teeth foward or as it was? is there any other appliance that will help on this matter?
Thanks for the question

It’s very unfortunate that you were unable to finish orthodontic treatment whilst you were young and it is a shame for you that having stuck with your second course of treatment you really don’t like the results. Invisalign lite is normally used to detail the positions of the teeth, not deal with more significant problems with your bite or facial appearance. You haven’t said whether you are being treated by a Specialist Orthodontist or a dentist.

You need to express your concerns to the person treating you and see what they have to say. Patients come to me saying their mouth has been pushed back – this is usually when too much space has been closed if teeth are missing, or too many teeth have been taken out before treatment. You can see a patient who had that concern at the bottom of this page of my website:

If you go and see a (third) practitioner please, please do ensure that you are seeing a Specialist Orthodontist who should take the time to fully understand your concerns, provide you with a treatment plan that will deliver the outcome you’re looking for, paying attention to not just the positions of your teeth, but also providing you with the facial aesthetics (lip support and ability to close your lips) that you so desire.

This is exactly what an experienced Specialist Orthodontist will provide and I do hope you find someone who you trust to give you the smile that you deserve.

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