My tooth has been knocked out but I wear a retainer, what should I do?

Dr Thorne, I am from Brazil and am studying here in England. Last night i have been out to my friends, i have been hit in the mouth and my front tooth become very lose and fell out. I have tooth at home, it is bleeding a lot but stop now. will i be able to get this fixed and will it cost more money? I am student do i still pay? My friends seem to think i will? I wear a brace at night because i used to have brace when i was young child, so what should i do with this, take to dentist and not wear it while this is sorted? It is very painful but i dont have lot of money, hopefully they will be able to help me? Thank you for advice!
Yes you will be able to get this fixed and it is important you see you dentist straight away with the tooth. I would also take your brace that you wear at night if you can easily find it as your dentist may be able to use this to help with your treatment. Your dentist will be able to help you, what they advise is difficult to say without seeing you but it is essential you see them as soon as possible.
Good luck!
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