My wisdom tooth has overgrown so it rubs on my gum, do i need this removing? Can i get dental sedation with the NHS?

Good day to you Adam, My question is not about braces but i see you are a dentist and i wanted to get your opinion on my case before i go to my dentist. I am 26 and my wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side has grown to a longer length than my other teeth, so when i bite down my wisdom teeth hits my gum and rubs on a tooth. I am very scared of having my wisdom tooth removed as i’ve heard this operation is very painful. I would like dental sedation but can you get this through an NHS dentist? I would like very much sedation but i know it cost extra, how much is this extra? In your opinion would i definitely need this removing?
Yes if the tooth has ‘over-erupted’ (overgrown) then it should be removed for health of the gums and of the adjacent teeth. Rest assured that when these teeth are on this position they are usually easier to take out than normal teeth. You may be able to find a dentist who offers removal of this under the NHS.
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