Should I continue to wear my retainer, even though my teeth have moved slightly?

Hi Sharon,

I had train track braces when I was 11 (i am now 23) for about one and a half years. When the braces were removed I wore my retainer constantly day and night for a week (as advised) then every night thereafter. In more recent years I have tried to wear it once a week, but sometimes I forget. I have never gone for longer than 4 weeks without wearing it but now it seems my teeth have shifted slightly. Will it help to wear my retainer again every night or will I do more harm than good?

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Hi , thank you for your question

Well done for wearing your retainers so consistently – this has certainly helped keep movement to a minimum but is it not unusual to see some small changes after treatment has finished. It may be helpful to wear your retainers more but I suggest you discuss this with your orthodontist. Has the practice ever talked about fixed retainers for you? This is a thin wire behind the upper and lower front teeth which help the retention process. I provide the vast majority of my patients with fixed retainers and it could be appropriate in your case.

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