Should I have a brace before getting lumineers?

Hello, I have had three lumineers after I chipped three the three teeth in question after a rather nasty accident at work. these ahppen to be on the same row of teeth thats started to overlap. I dont know why I thought that at the age of 32 my teeth/facial features as well as my self has stopped growing, this doesn’t appear to be the case. one theory I have is that they were never flat (that’s actually the case) in that they over lapped but to a point that no-one would notice and now thay have just slipped and all of them have began to over lap slightly the issue I have got is that one of the lumineers has cracked and broken off right in the bottom corner – I think as a result of the teeth moving as they have. so firstly this needs replacing and I don’t know if this is possible. but I would want to do that ideally after Id had a brace of some form to straighten them out. I have money from my claim the first time round left so that’s not an issue, do you thin that I could have a brace on these lumineers and is it possible to then have one removed/replaced? cheers
Yep’ best to straighten then have veneers replaced but make sure you have a retainer and wear it!
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