Should we change dentist so that my daughter can get orthodontic help?

Hi there, my daughter has just turned ten years old and has just stopped sucking her thumb. My current dentist says that her jaw is still forming and all the appropriate teeth have not come in yet. He does not offer a brace facility but would refer me to one.Is it wise for all the family to move to another dentist where the dentist treats kids on the NHS if a brace may be required and for my husband and myself to go private as we are now? I am just thinking for the future as she has sucked her thumb for so long.
You are best staying with your current dentist if you are happy with them and simply be referred to a local orthodontist for treatment. There is no need to change as Orthodontic practices are generally referral based so you have you orthodontic treatment there and any general dentistry at your normal dentist. At this stage the most important thing is that she has truely stopped and you will then see improvement in the gap at the front if she has the classical appearance of a thumbsucker!
Hope this helps
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