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I’m only 13 and very embarrassed of my teeth, can you have a look at my teeth and see if i need a brace?

October 19th, 2012

Do i need braces?
what kind of bite do i have?
are they crooked or crowded?
can it be fixed with a simple retainer?
i really want braces, my teeth are A LOT worse in person, I’m only 13, my wisdom teeth are pushing my front teeth out of position, please answer the questions above.does my teeth have an, overbite, cross bite, under bite, crooked, crowed? i hate my teeth, and i always get really embarrassed for school photo’s, because i need to smile, i would love braces, because i would smile a lot, instead of hiding it forever! 

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My front left teeth are not straight, i was told it was caused by my lower teeth, what options do i have other than braces?

October 12th, 2012

Hello there. I have had root canal treatment on 3 of my front teeth. My two front left teeth are not straight. One is angled a little further back than it should be whilst the other is at an angle and protruding forward. The rest of my teeth are fairly straight. I have looked into ortho before and was told that it was caused by my lower teeth. Any treatment would have to be for life as my bottom teeth would force my top teeth crooked again. Do I have any options to have these teeth straightened other than using a brace? Thanks for your time Anoop!

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