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Could braces lead to even greater discolouration of my son’s teeth?

February 8th, 2012

Hi, My little boy’s teeth are heavily stained, despite having an excellent oral hygiene routine. However, as a baby, he was very ill with asthma and chest infections and constantly took steroids and antibiotics, and my dentist now tells me this could be the cause of the staining. I am broken hearted to see his teeth like this, can it be fixed at some point,as his dentist thinks he may have to have braces to correct his bit which is slightly off, not due to his jaw but his teeth, so he wont be in for surgery just a full brace at some stage, though this will surely make his teeth even more discoloured?? I don’t know what to do and its all going so fast, He is 10 years of age and has a mixture of baby teeth and permanent. if you could help that would be amazing. thank you

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