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How long does it take to have braces and is it painful?

March 16th, 2012

Dear Adam Thorne. I would like to go through all aspects of getting a brace. but I’m not going to as this will consume a large amount of time and is usually left until a face to face appointment. however I would like to know about getting braces and how long it takes to put them on. I have heard that you have to have the brace put on a bit at a time or is this just talk. I had assumed it could just be placed there and then? also id there any pain involved when having the brace put on? I know this is two questions sorry, but thanks for your time :)

dr adam thorne

Adam Thorne

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I need braces but am moving home after Christams, should I have braces fitted now or later?

December 8th, 2011

hello, I’m meant to be getting braces in after the christmas but I have to move back to Ireland in march, will another Orthontist be able to straighten and loosen my braces? Or will I have to keep coming back and forth, becasue I dont think thats possible?. I heard that an Orthondondist will not touch someobody elses work, but I have to move back home because of famly troubles but I really need my braces? If you could answer my question i’d be very gratefull,Thank you.

Dr Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

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Can I be sedated while having my braces fitted?

December 2nd, 2011

Hi Dr Maini, I guess I am classed as a nervous patient In that I cannot stand the dentists and have not been able to since being young I have been told its called dental phobia and that I’m one f many which is nice! anyway I am nineteen as as such will have to pay for my own braces regardless of what I have done. I was wondering whether it would be at all possible to have braces put under sedation or something like this is there anything that runs along side fitting braces in order to make it suit a dental phobia patient. secondly to this what brace requires the least maintenance- ie. the least trips to the dentist for adjustments when considering closing gapped teeth? thanks

dr anoop maini

Anoop Maini

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Why has my dentist put blocks on my back teeth?

November 28th, 2011

I just got bottom braces yesterday(metal with coloured bits on the teeth) after getting top ones 6 weeks ago. I have got blocks on my back teeth made of the glue. They are so uncomfortable and i can’t close my jaw, when will i be able to get rid of them? Its to stop my top teeth touching my bottom teeth brace. Are they any other options? How long till they stop aching on the bottom? Thank you very much. (Its blue glue) Hope that u can answer this soon. DO you think that i could get it removed soon?

dr sharon orton-gibbs

Sharon Orton-Gibbs

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Does having braces hurt when they are put on as well as when they are tightened?

October 4th, 2011

hi my dentist told me that i need braces because of how overcrowded my teeth have gotten and i was just wondering if it hurts not only when they are fitting them but when they tighten them as well? i have been saying to my dentist that i dont want them because ive heard how much they hurt but i just wanted to find out if they actually do hurt or not? when you get braces do you have to keep them in for a few years or just a few months?
look forawrd to hearing from you. 

dr raha sepehrara

Raha Sepehrara

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