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Will I have to pay for my braces?

November 12th, 2014

i’m 18 in November and i’m being referred to a orthodontist on the 18th of September will I need to pay for my braces? or will I still get them on the NHS?
I have one too majorly out of line (too far into my mouth) and its causing problems that’s why my dentist recommended braces but I’m not too sure if I could afford to pay for braces since I’m still in full time education. Any information that you could give me would be great.
thanks for your help.

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I really need orthodontic treatment as my teeth rub together

January 20th, 2014


I went to see an Orthodontist about a a year and a half ago now and he said my teeth weren’t bad enough for a brace and I could pay privately, but my teeth are now rubbing together slightly and my top teeth are pushing my bottom teeth and there slowly staring to move into weird positions but i know if i go back and get refered again they are only going to say the same thing , what can I do as I’m nearly 18 and I can’t afford to be paying if my teeth go wonky and horrible. Is there any help pr advice that you can give me so that I can sort things out and get the help that I need for my teeth? Thanks in advance

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