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I have a large overbite which pulls my bottom jaw back,there is also a large gap between my bottom and top teeth, what should I do?

April 19th, 2012

Hello, i find it difficult to place my teeth together in a comfortable position, and when they are in their comfiest position i am left with quite a big overbite which pulls my bottom jaw back, it makes my lip stick out and it doesn’t look that nice. Even in this position my teeth do not fit together properly. I usually just close my mouth and do not shut my teeth together. My front teeth do not stick out but there is a large gap between my top and bottom teeth, I can nearly fit my little finger in the gap. When I am sleeping I find it difficult as my jaw just opens and I find I dribble a lot. would it be worthwhile getting a brace fit and would it be the twin block style brace I would have to go for? Thanks

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