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My upper jaw is overgrown

July 23rd, 2014

Hello Doctor, my upper jaw is over-grown,My lower jaw is perfect with aligned teeth. Ive braces on my upper jaw since a year and 6 months. My dentist said it will be fixed within a year however it doesn’t prove to happen. they have improved but are not perfect,as in there’s still a lot of gap. He says if he will exert more pressure,my teeth will be not look good because of my jaw. can you suggest what I should do? Thank you for your help and for your time in advance.

dr anoop maini

Anoop Maini

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Would I have to have my protruding canine removed before proceeding with braces?

December 7th, 2012

hi there adam, my problem is that i have a very twisted tooth the protrudes (canine) and the rest of my teeth are slightly out of place…i think i can get them fixed with braces. As i am 24 i’ want private treatment, i like the NHS but don’t like the look of the fixed braces. Do you think the canine would have to be removed before i have the braces? I’m really hoping some private treatments can help me! I’m due for an appointment next week but i am petrified of needles…i don’t want to have it extracted. Any advice would be great. thank you for your time. 

dr adam thorne

Adam Thorne

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I have a few issues with my teeth, am I still able to have a brace fitted?

May 10th, 2012

Hi Darsh.
My question is about whether or not I actually can have braces. I had overcrowding problems as a teenager, and after examining my teeth I can see that the dentist has extracted my lower left first premolar and my lower right lateral incisor. Therefore, my bottom teeth aren’t symmetrical. I also have two wisdom teeth that have impacted at an awkward angle. I’m not concerned about my lower teeth, I’m looking to have my upper teeth corrected. My upper teeth are symmetrical but not straight. Before I book a consultation, do these previous extractions on my lower teeth disqualify me for orthodontic treatment or make it more difficult/expensive? Thank you.

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