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Why am I getting headaches and jaw pain?

January 6th, 2014

I get a lot of headaches and my jaw aches a lot, I have an overbite and some of my teeth overlap slightly. What should I do? Do I need braces? If so, will I get them free on the nhs or will I have to go private and pay? My schoolwork is getting distracted because I have headaches all the time, and I know it’s from my teeth because the source of the pain is in my jaw. What can I say to my dentist?

dr adam thorne

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Can braces cure my TMJ?

July 22nd, 2011

Hello doctor,

I am looking into getting braces but i believe that I suffer from TMJ. My jaw is always hurting and i sometimes can only get it properly opened a few inches. Would i be able to get a brace to correct my crooked teeth and would this affect my jaw pain any further? I really, really want straight teeth but if it is bad for my jaw then i guess i won’t be able to have it.

thank you for your time and any advice you can give

dr tif qureshi

Tif Qureshi

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