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My upper jaw is overgrown

July 23rd, 2014

Hello Doctor, my upper jaw is over-grown,My lower jaw is perfect with aligned teeth. Ive braces on my upper jaw since a year and 6 months. My dentist said it will be fixed within a year however it doesn’t prove to happen. they have improved but are not perfect,as in there’s still a lot of gap. He says if he will exert more pressure,my teeth will be not look good because of my jaw. can you suggest what I should do? Thank you for your help and for your time in advance.

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My new braces are affecting how I play the flute, please help!

December 5th, 2012

Hi Dr Patel, I got braces on my upper teeth yesterday. The only problem is, I can’t play my flute anymore! I do make a sound, but it’s of poor quality and it’s off in tone and very airy, sort of like the sound a first-timer would produce. Thankfully I don’t have any concerts coming up, but I’m still panicking. I can’t just not practice my flute, it makes me go crazy! Should I just leave myself to get used to having braces, or should I try anything special? How long does it normally take to get back to normal? Please help, I’m worried this is going to affect my playing permanently. 

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