Tell me about the Damon braces, why are they better than the traditional types?

I have been looking at what different braces are available, not at any great length just in a leaflet thing that was passed out the other day as I mydelf am looking to have braces of some form to sort out a smile full of crooked teeth. I wanted to knoww what are the main advantages of Damon braces over traditional ones? Is it purely that they are smaller and look slighlty better? because im having the same issue with lingual braces and incognito versions. in terms of the Damons Its the price they are so much more expensive and i cannot see why this is the case could you please anlighten me, any feedback may infuence my decision thankyou very much for taking the time
There are many advantages of the Damon System

– only in very few cases are teeth taken out to make space, while in traditional systems extractions are required more often

– the treatment time can be considerably shorter than that of a traditional system

-review appointments are at bigger intervals, so you don’t need to see the dentist too often

– the system applies very gentle forces so causes less pain than high force traditional systems

– it helps achieve a wider smile

there are many more advantages and if you go for a consultation the dentist will be able to go through all the pros and cons of each system you are considering

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