What are the best braces for my twisted teeth?


i have had bad teeth all my life, crooked and twisted etc, i have always kept them in the best of health though, but i think it is past time that i let them stay in the state they are in. I have twisted teeth throughout my mouth, visible from every angle and i just wondered what would be the best brace system for me to use to solve my problems? I am looking for something that is effective yet discreet so any help you could give me on making my choice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

I am a fan of the Damon system – low force, low friction and helps move the teeth quicker (without harm). Now they have launced the Damon Clear, tooth coloured brace, then its even better. However, its only for the upper teeth. Sadly we are still waiting for the lower brace (it is currently silver). You could have other tooth coloured braces on the lower teeth – mix and match – not a problem.

The alternative for best looking is lingual braces – totally invisible but they cost a lot more.

Horses for courses – decision is your !

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