What braces treatment would be suitable for my case where one tooth is longer than the others?


I was just looking through the pictures of before and after treatment. I noticed one of the pictures are very similar to my teeth. My bottom 4 teeth are crooked but all the others are fine. One of the 4 teeth is longer than the others so was wondering what you would do about that. Just wanted to know what kind of braces or treatment would i need to have to straighten them and roughly how much would it cost also how long will it take? Would it be a retainer treatment as iv heard. Also i noticed in one picture that there is a metal piece on the inner ?

Thank you

Hello, Any fixed dental appliance will correct the alignment and height issues but moving teeth up down, left, right etc… The metal piece you saw was a fixed retainer and it is for use at the end of treatment to hold the teeth in that new position. Hope that helps clarify things for you. Darsh
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