What braces treatment would you recommend for my horrible crooked teeth?

Hello Doctor,

I just wanted some general advice on the best brace for my condition. I understand that a full evaluation will be needed before everything can be certain but I would just love some outside information to help me with my choice. OK basically I have very horrible teeth, not decayed or disease just very crooked. My two front teeth are buck and I have a number of those ‘fang’ teeth which occur when teeth erupt above milk teeth and then never settle. Which brace system would you recommend for treating this case effectively, quickly and if possible discreetly?

Thank you very much for your time doctor and any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Personally, I would say a self ligating brace, for example Damon Clear, would be the most effective from a biomechanical aspect – it would be on the front of your teeth but the brace is tooth coloured and you can have tooth coloured wires.

If you want it to be invisible, then lingual braces (behind the teeth) is the other option but this would take longer.

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