What braces would be suitable for my front teeth?

Hello Doctor,
I am getting married next Year and really want to get my teeth sorted out before my big day. My teeth are in a bit of a mess, they are healthy and white but not straight. I can see problem areas all over my mouth. I am a primary school teacher so if I am to wear braces they would have to be discreet and not affect my speech too much. I have been looking at Inman Aligner treatment as I saw some information about it in a magazine. I don’t know much about other braces but what would you say would be the best treatment for me? My back teeth are straight its just all the front ones top and bottom. There are so many braces and so many websites that i just get very confused about which would be best for me. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeking your advice. Kind regards and take care
The inman sounds like a reasonable proposal subject to a clinical evaluation, Alternatives would be Invisalign or Clear fixed brces
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