What can I do to make my teeth whiter after my braces come off?

Finally after a very long wait I am getting my braces off next week!!!!! Is there anything that you can suggest to help make my teeth white and loosen the glue for when they come off so then they don’t hurt as much? I’ve been told to rinse my mouth with very weak peroxide, i really don’t want my lovely straight teeth to be yellow and discoloured when i do get my braces off. thanks for any tips that you can give me

Thanks for your question.

Congratulations on finishing your orthodontic treatment and achieving a beautiful new smile. There isn’t anything that you can do to loosen the glue and I would not suggest using a weak peroxide mouth rinse. Don’t worry about the appliances being removed as it doesn’t take long and doesn’t hurt it just makes some funny noises. In regards to the removal of the glue again don’t worry as the orthodontist will remove all of this safely.

Sometimes when braces are removed the teeth can appear to be slightly yellow, however if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine your teeth will restore their natural colour, If after that you decide that you would like them whiter then you should book an appointment with your dentist to explore the whitening options which are available to you.

I hope the above helps!


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